I am a  HUGE DC and MK fan and when Injustice Gods Among Us came out,I was so happy!

But this changed my life FOREVER.

I was looking on Ebay and I looked up


and then BOOM,there it was

a brand new copy of the game

I ordered it

few days later I heard a knock.

The mail guy gave me the game,what shocked me at first was a piece of DuckTape taped over the box with INJUSTICE written crudely in

sharpee.And what made me happy is that this was DLC.

I put the game in the Wii U and then.

"Invalid Disk"

"Ahhh c'mon!"

I rensed the disk put it in,started the game.and then I started the game.The music was was a low drum vibe thing,this shocked me.

I went on the character select screen and chose batman and hit "Y" for alternate skins one of them was called Demonic,i started it up with that skin

Then it began,my first opponent was Flash the fight began,instead of Flash's default skin it was the Blackest Night skin and Batman........

He had red devilish eyes a voice like Ravens but deeper and his costume was a hellish red.....after the fight ended Batman grabbed poor Flash and tore him apart,i could make out A brain A colon a heart a Femur A skull some intestines and.....some eyeballs and then he said "BURN IN HELL" I was shocked..I turned the game off and broke the disc in half.......I then ordered the regular game..........I was so scared....

But I knew this would also be a few days,so I decided to clear my mind and take a walk,when I came back I was shocked,my room was a WRECK.and then,I saw it the disk lying on my bed put back together with sharpee saying "PLAY ME AARON".It knew my I played it.The

game started instantly but instead of saying injustice it said DEATH,I played and selected battles a new mode was unlocked called "Satan Mode"

curiously I started the game,selected Ares and started.


I was shaking to.Instead of a fight it was me walking down a hellish ruin and then,HE was behind me,Batman was trying to kill me!

I freaked out so much that I was dashing all over the place and then Batman touched Ares and the screen turned black.

Text appeared saying


That scared me half to death!!!!! but when I turned around.....I saw a Batman Articulated action figure covered in blood..with a note saying