There was once a 5 year old boy who's name was Xavier, he was a very good boy until....

Thursday, March 27th 2011

Xavier was at kindergarten playing at recess...

"Take that you asshole!" Xavier said

he was hitting someone cause they beat him at kickball

"Why are you hitting him?" asked a 6 year old girl named Ann

"Cause this bitch beat me at kickball" said Xavier angrily

"Well I don't get why your hitting him cause he beat you at kickball and besides why did you say the B word?" asked Ann

"Cause this guy is a bitch" said Xavier

"Well your gonna get in trouble and Im not acting like I did it so bye"

suddenly the bell rang

"It's time to go home already oh wait it was a half-day" said Xavier

8:30 PM

"Xavier bedtime!" said Xavier's mom

"I'm already in bed" said Xavier

1:00 AM

"Everyone's asleep now to make my move hehehe..." said Xavier

Xavier went downstairs and grabbed the sharpest knife he had and went upstairs in his mom's bedroom

"Time to show my mom and dad who's the real motherfucker" said Xavier

then Xavier stabbed his mom as hard as he can in the face same with his dad

"prick parents" said Xavier

then he went to kill his friends uncles and everyone in his family

"From now on i'll be known as Jansi Urux! Hahahaha!"

Xavier grew up to be 44 before he...

"Ughh I've done enough killing time to commit suicide"

He found a sniper and before he died

"I've killed everyone I know and now its time for me to die"

Then he shot himself

There was nothing left